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huddle gives you interactive live access to leading experts in a variety of fields.


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Industry Game Changers

Top choreographers and creative directors to top stars, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Chris Brown and many others.

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Now, you can Huddle Up and have an engaging conversation with the worlds most interesting of people.
Thought leaders, innovators, inventors, business leaders, creators, influencers and more. 
When you join a Huddle, you will be in a live online Huddle, where you can:



Send your questions in advance of the Huddle and time will be set aside for you.



Learn to dream big  as you are inspired by other Huddle members.



Learn the answers to your own questions and explore more insight from other Huddlers.

Enhance Your Mindset

The fresh perspective gained from Huddle's experts to spark a new wave of thinking.



Connect with other Huddle members and expand your network.

Get Your
Game On

Huddle's are energizing, giving  you new vitality that ups your game.

jump start your journey and learn from the pros with an exclusive group of successful leaders


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Noah Centineo

Already an accomplished actor, Noah Centineo talks about his journey, his passions and his inspirations.

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How HUddle Works

Step 1

Choose the Huddle on the Huddles Page that you want.

Step 2

Click to Register and follow the step by step instructions.

Step 3

Two weeks prior to the Huddle, submit your questions.


Then Join The Huddle Online
at the time and date!

Huddle Is a new way to get connected, learn and be inspired.


Upcoming Huddle

Julie Natale

Having worked as an entrepreneur, while raising 4 children as a single mom, Julie will discuss the age old question on how to find balance in your life, embrace the presence and live in the now!

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